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Google’s nieuwe logo’s zijn slecht

Google’s new logos suck

Google really goes wrong with the new logos because of the ‘reimagination’ of G Suite as Google Workspace, replacing icons that are familiar, recognizable and in the case of Gmail iconic, with little rainbow nuggets. These nuggets of color will now be difficult for anyone to distinguish in their tabs. Companies are always talking loud and long about why they redesigned them, so here’s an explanation of why these new logos are bad and probably won’t last.

It’s a good idea to start with: Google’s intent was good. The visual language of the different apps are unified. That can be important, especially with a company like Google. Google has apps, services, design languages ​​and other things First of all, I have to say that I understand Google’s intention to unify the visual language of the different apps in its suite. That can be important, especially with a company like Google, which throws away apps, services, design languages, and other stuff when it’s no longer needed.

Google’s logos over the years

We’ve seen so many Google icons over the years it’s hard to get new ones. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, if you wait on the river long enough, the bodies of your favorite Google products will float by. Better not to get attached.

But sometimes companies do something so pointless that it’s the duty of anyone who cares to throw the justification for making a change in the face of the company and say they screwed up. Since 100 million people will have to stare at these ugly new icons all day long until they retire, making a small noise might show Google that they are really wrong this time around.

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